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Bee Control Melbourne

Bee Control Melbourne

You know summer is on the way when you hear the sweet humming of bees in the yard. These beautiful furry flying insects are an important part of our ecosystem, pollinating important plant life in exchange for the nectar that will feed their colonies. 

As majestic as they might be, they are a problem if you find your home infested with them. In addition to being a nuisance, they can actually be dangerous, with over 2 percent of people in Australia living with some form of allergy to the species. Just one sting to someone with an allergy can put them in a life or death situation.

Even people who are not allergic to bees can suffer when they take over their living quarters. When they take flight, their buzzing noise can be a distraction and can even be loud enough to wake occupants up during the night. Their colonies can grow and take over areas of the home, and the weight of the hive filled with honey can be enough to collapse supports and ceilings - one hive needs around 70 pounds of honey to survive the winter months. Additional cleaning challenges are faced when this happens as the honey can be incredibly tough to get out of soft furnishings.

It is important to deal with a bee infestation correctly when it occurs. Although not currently protected, bee numbers are in decline and should be protected where possible. This means destroying infesting hives as early as possible to prevent unnecessary killing of the insects. Some pest companies will actually be able to remove the hive without killing the occupants. The main issue is that bees can become very angry when disturbed and can chase a person more than 50 feet, so it is wise, and much safer, to consult a professional to handle them rather than trying to remove the hive yourself.

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