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Rodent Control Melbourne

Rodent Control Melbourne
Rodent Control Melbourne

Fast, Effective Rodent Control with Paramount Pest Control

It's that time of the year again -- winter. You’ve been kept awake for three nights in a row as rats and mice scurry around loudly behind walls and up in your roof, wrecking havoc.
Unfortunately, cold weather brings rodents into your home as the warm environment attracts rats and mice. Once inside, they will nest and begin multiplying rapidly.
Apart from making themselves at home in your house, they can cause major damage without you noticing. They live in hidden areas of your home, including storage boxes, attics, lofts, wall interiors and under floor crawl spaces, all the while hoarding, gnawing, multiplying and defecating. Without the help of rodent control specialists, they are incredible difficult to get rid of.
Don't let rats and mice overrun your property and cause extensive damage. Let us solve your problem with quick, effective rodent control services that work every time. Call Paramount Pest 
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House and Field Mice typically invade homes in the winter months to seek refuge from the cold. They are commonly grey or brown in colour, and eat a wide range of foods including fruit and vegetables. Field mice are fast, small, nocturnal and highly inquisitive. They don’t defend themselves well from predators, and most live up to only one year. However, their life span in natural conditions is not known, as the ones that are studied specimens tend to be consumed by predators before they die of natural causes.

The most common rat species in Australia are the Norway Rat and the Roof or Black Rat. Both species typically live for one year. Norway Rats are identifiable by their stocky, gray-brown bodies and are larger than most other rat species.
It is important to eliminate rats from your property, as they can bring a host of destructive qualities and diseases to humans. Rat bites and scratches should not be treated lightly, as they can result in rat-bite fever. Furthermore, rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. They can leave their droppings, fleas or worms in your kitchen where food is prepared, making it essential to engage rodent control specialists to keep your home and family protected.
Not only can they bring harm to your health, but rodents can potentially damage your skirting and plaster boards, electrical wires, and machinery, which may lead to house fires. Keep your home safe and clean by getting in touch with Paramount Pest Control. Our team of rodent control professionals have years of experience, allowing us to deliver effective, outstanding protection.

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