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Termite Protection for New Builds

Termite Declared Areas

In Australia 1 in 3 homes are attacked by termites every year, so it makes sense to protect your new home from termite attack during construction, this is the most cost effective time to do so.

If your new home is being constructed in a termite declared area then termite protection is a must, your builder will ensure that termite protection is installed to your new home by a certified, qualified installer. Termite Protection is a council requirement  in declared areas and failing to do so will impact on obtaining your certificate of occupancy. 

Your builder should be aware of Australian Standard AS3660.1 and the requirements set out for temite protection of new builds.

Chemical Treatments

As from the 1st of May 2017, Chemical Termite Barriers to exposed areas for new construction, no longer comply with the requirements of Standards Australian and Building Codes Australia. 

Physical barriers such as Homeguard and Kordon are only two of many termite barrier systems available that are compliant, your builder will make the right choice by using our qualified installers to protect your home, our years of experience will make all the difference in ensuring that your home is safe and sound.

Homeguard Termite Protection

HomeGuard is a Precision Termite Management system which is a physical and chemical subterranean termite barrier in one. It is installed to the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of subterranean termites into the building, thereby protecting the asset. 

The HomeGuard range is suitable for a wide range of building designs and includes: 
  • various purpose-designed polymer sheeting - for underlay of slab and retaining walls (TMB) and perimeter wall cavity sheets (Blue and DPC).
  • a granular barrier (GT) for subterranean termite proofing voids.
  • plastic collars for use in slab to protect service penetrations.
Homeguard is kind to the environment, it stays where it is placed and will not affect the soil, vegetation or water quality of the environment.

Homeguard will not crack, corrode or delaminate and has been trusted by Australian builders for over 20 years.

Kordon Termite Barriers

Kordon Termite Barrier is a uniquely flexible, durable building protection membrane that provides a combined physical and chemical termite barrier and can easily be moulded or cut and joined to fit complex design features. 

Complete underslab installation of Kordon provides an impermeable moisture barrier for the entire building as well.

Kordon contains deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that kills termites which come into contact with it. Equally importantly, though, deltamethrin is a powerful termite repellent, so termites are very unlikely even to approach the barrier and attempt to breach it.

Kordon is classified as a building product and it is approved for use in local government areas where soil termiticide treatments have been prohibited.

In addition, Kordon is certified by the Australian Building Codes Board – certification number 2003/001 – and has been tested and approved for use in ‘allergen-free’ construction.

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