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Termite Control Melbourne

If you have a concern with termites in Melbourne, we can help by providing the best options for protecting your property against termites (white ants) at the most affordable prices.
Have you found timber damage?
Need an identification by a professional termite specialist?
Need the best price for termite eradication and protection?
Look no further, Paramount Pest Control provides the most effective treatments for the elimination of termites, whether you have experienced an infestation or just want to protect your property against termites.
Termidor The Best Way To Protect Your Property From Termites

Identifying Damage

There are a number of other pests that attack timber; some lay dormant in cut timbers for years. It is therefore essential to get a professional identification from an experienced pest controller. For example, wood borer may lay dormant inside timber for a number of years, before reviving to bore themselves out of the structures they reside in. At Paramount Pest Control, we protect properties all over Melbourne from termites, whether it’s a preventative treatment for peace of mind, or stopping any further damage after an infestation.

Identifying Termites

There are many different species of termites, some more dangerous to your property than others. Generally they are the size of a grain of rice and their appearance consists of a pale brown to white body with a darker head. Termite soldiers and workers have six legs, two antennae and four wings. Alates and reproductive termites are rarely seen and upon being discovered, will scurry away from any light source immediately.

Fungal decay in your property’s structure can make it significantly conducive to termites. Wood eating pests thrive on high levels of moisture which can be caused by plumbing leaks, poor ventilation and drainage problems.

Termite Nests

Termite nests are generally formed underground in trees or in soil mounds. These nests are built by the worker termites using a combination of soil, mud, chewed wood, saliva and faeces. Termites require high humidity to survive, as it protects the thin-skinned workers from drying. To maintain a high level of humidity and temperature, termites leave a thin layer of wood around their activity so that their presence is not obvious. Often the first indication of an infestation is the collapsed flooring or structural bearers. As you can imagine, termites have the ability to create tremendous damage before even being discovered.


Once termites gain access to timber, they eat through it, excavating it internally. They obtain cellulose, sugars and starches from the sapwood (outer wood) of trees and can also eat any wooden structures, including logs, stumps and building constructions. They have special gut organisms that help them to break down the woody cellulose into sugars that can be digested. These pests can be sneaky in the way they eat. Timbers can look structurally sound from the outside, but are completely destroyed on the inside.

Termite Activity and Damage

DamageTermite shelter tubes (Workings): These are tubes originating from the ground that can appear on walls and foundations. They give protection to the termites and enable them to gain access to structural and joinery timbers of buildings. The shelter tubes (mud leads) protect termites from most predators and maintain high humidity and darkness during their comings and goings from the main colony area. The shelter tubes are constructed by termites mainly at night, when the humidity is usually higher than during the day. Shelter tubes enable termites to reach sources of food that are not accessible to them any other way. Timber in or on the ground is attacked from these underground tunnels.

In the case of the termite species Coptotermes acinaciformis, the subterranean tunnels, which are mostly in the top 20cm of soil, radiate up to 100m, and in some soils they may be deeper and radiate even further. Seeing mud leads is generally a direct sign of termite activity.

Termite damage on the other hand, will usually look as though timber has been eaten away. It is a termite’s daily job to collect food and therefore, the colony works at destroying your house every day over an extensive period of time!


At Paramount Pest Control, we work to ensure Melbourne properties are kept safe from termite infestations. So protect your valuable asset and don’t risk the endless amounts of damage these termites can cause!

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Termite Inspections

An inspection every 12 months will detect any termite infestation before the termites have a chance to cause irreparable damage. The main objective of a timber pest inspection is to determine whether termites or borer are present and whether they have caused damage. The technician will assess the situation and make any recommendations. You will receive an extensive report on all the findings, and a quotation for treatment if necessary.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Before you choose to purchase a new property, call us and organise a Pre Purchase Inspection to ensure the house is not damaged by or susceptible to termites and other pests. Don’t be bullied into signing any contracts until you know the property you are purchasing is structurally sound. Call us, and we will endeavour to liaise with the appropriate members on your behalf and provide you with an extensive report on the findings.

Termite Treatments

At Paramount Pest Control, we have various ways of treating termite infestations including physical barriers (Kordon and Homeguard), chemical barriers (Termidor and Biflex) and baiting systems (Exterra and Sentricon II).

Pre Construction Treatments

We offer pre construction treatments all over Victoria for those building a new property. Whether it is a council requirement, or you would like termite protection for your own peace of mind, we have the right solution. Whether it’s a physical or chemical termite barrier installed, we ensure you make the right choice and provide you with the appropriate certificates required.

  • Chemical Termite Barriers

  • Termite Baiting Systems

Post Construction Treatments

We understand the feeling of devastation at the thought that your property is being attacked by termites and how daunting the process of acquiring a treatment can be. However, at Paramount Pest Control we ease the stress with a straightforward and thorough plan of action. We create a barrier between your property and any termite threat ensuring structures that are accessible to termites are protected.


 We offer warranties on most termite treatments, which can be renewed upon having an annual termite inspection.

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