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Termite Control in Melbourne

Termite Control in Melbourne
Unsure if your home is suffering from a termite problem? A problem often isn’t evident until significant damage has been done to your premises. When the flooring, structural bearers or joists of your building collapse, it’s safe to take it as the sign of a termite attack.

Paramount Pest Control provides effective termite control for properties across Melbourne. Ensuring Preserving your home is our top priority, so you can trust us to use only the safest and most effective methods to bring protection to your home.

One of the most common ways to detect termite activity is the sighting of mud tunnels on the surfaces of your home. These are known as Termite Shelter Tubes.

Termite Shelter Tubes

These are earthen tubes made of soil particles and termite faeces that give termites access to structural and joinery timbers of buildings. They originate from the ground and can appear on walls and foundations. The purpose of the shelter tube is to protect termites from predators, as well as to maintain their ideal conditions of high humidity and darkness as they move to and from their main colony area.

To avoid desiccation during the day, where the humidity is much lower than at night time, termites construct their shelter tubes during the night. This allows them to travel to food sources that are otherwise impossible for them to access. They can even cross metal foundation shield barriers that are specifically installed to keep termites out.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive species of termites in Melbourne and Australia, responsible for over 70 percent of the termite damage done to homes and buildings Australia-wide. A colony may have over a million termites, with nests built within the base of trees, as well as underground. They may also build additional nests away from the main colony, closer to food sources. Subsidiary nests are typically built in the wall cavities of buildings, especially if there is access to moisture.

Timber in or on the ground is often attacked by subterranean termites from their underground tunnels, and they have even caused fires by shorting out electrical wiring. This shows how imperative it is to get good termite control services for your Melbourne home!

Termite Food Sources

Termites normally obtain their food from fungi that grows on timber and in moist soil. They also acquire moisture from the soil, but as they require a constant supply of moisture, plumbing leaks and faulty roofing are another hot spot where termites can congregate.

Some species, such as Nasutitermes Walker, build many of their tunnels over the top of the ground or within the top centimetre of soil. Proper identification of the termite species is important to determine the magnitude and patterns of damage it could bring about. Furthermore, as there are over 300 species of termites in Australia, it is best to seek the expertise of a termite control technician to provide an overview. Call Paramount Pest Control today for a professional service you can rely on.

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