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Termite Inspections in Melbourne

Keep Your home Safe from Destructive Termites

There is growing concern about timber pests (termites) in Victoria, as the insects attack an alarming amount of homes each year. The odds are that one in five homes in Australia are infected with active termites.

Termite inspections should be thorough and comprehensive, taking no less than an hour for an average sized Melbourne home. The main objective is to determine whether termites are present and also whether they have caused damage to your structural systems. Your technician will assess the situation and make any recommendations required, including possible further investigation by builders, plumbers or structural engineers.

Termite Inspections in Melbourne

Identifying Termite Damage

Early signs of termite damage may be hard to identify; often it’s not until a serious infestation has occurred that damage becomes obvious. Observe ceilings and floors for signs, as termite damage can sometimes be similar in appearance to water damage.

Further signs of termite damage include crumpled wood, swollen ceilings and floors, and visible mazes within furniture or walls. If you detect a scent similar to mildew or mould in your home, it is possible that a termite infestation has taken place, as they are known to exude that type of scent. Furthermore, sightings of mud tunnels near the foundations of your home are another clear indicator. If you suspect that your home is affected by termites, seek the expertise of our pest control specialists at Paramount Pest Control. We provide comprehensive termite inspections for properties all over Melbourne, offering preventative treatment for peace of mind and stopping further damage from termite infestations.

Termite Inspections in Melbourne

Termite Inspections

It is recommended to have a termite inspection every 12 months, as this allows for early detection of infestations, as well as prevention of irreparable damage. You can trust our experienced technicians to assess the situation and make recommendations for your specific case. We will then prepare an extensive report on the findings and provide a quotation for any necessary treatments.

Termite Inspections in Melbourne

Pre Purchase Termite Inspections

We also offer a pre-purchase inspection for new homebuyers in Melbourne. We will provide a comprehensive termite inspection for the property to ensure that it isn’t damaged by or susceptible to termites and other pests.

At Paramount Pest Control, we don’t want you to be bullied into signing a contract until you’re sure that the property you are purchasing is structurally sound.

Give us a call to make an appointment for this essential service, or to find out more. We will do our best to coordinate with the appropriate personnel on your behalf and provide an extensive report on the findings.

Termite Treatments

We offer a variety of termite infestation treatments, including physical barriers (Kordon and Homeguard), chemical barriers (Termidor and Biflex) and baiting systems (Exterra and Sentricon II). Our specialists can recommend the ideal solution for your situation to give you maximum protection. Call Paramount Pest Control in Melbourne today.

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